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Diez Company provides the tools to design, develop and realize all kinds of decorative and architectural lighting projects since 2006, thanks to its team of experts.

Santa & Cole: a poetic dialogue with light

Santa & Cole
Gira Sobremesa - Base Metálica Gris/Estructura Metálica Cromada/Pantalla Aluminio Anodizado Natural
$14,744.76 mxn
Santa & Cole
Lámina 85 - Estructura Metálica Acabada en Color Negro Mate/Pantalla Metálica en Blanco con Acabado Brillante (Exterior)
$30,547.44 mxn
Santa & Cole
Maija 15 Sobremesa - Pantallas Metálicas Rosa Palo/Pies de Latón Mate
$39,517.72 mxn
Santa & Cole
Wally Cestita -Negro Matte/Pantalla Blanco Opal, E26, IP65, UL
$13,312.16 mxn
Santa & Cole
Sylvestrina Sobremesa, Pantalla de Vidrio Pyrex Transparente/Difusor Blanco Translúcido/Base Metálica Acabada en Negro Brillante, 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz
$12,408.52 mxn
Santa & Cole
Tekiò Horizontal P1 - Estructura P1 Metálica en Blanco Mate/Pantalla P1 Papel Washi Japonés/Florón Circular.
$54,086.16 mxn
Santa & Cole
Asa Sobremesa - Pantalla de Metacrilato Blanco Opal/ Estructura Metálica con Acabado Mate Blanca
$14,193.76 mxn
Santa & Cole
Básica M1 - Pantalla Cinta Mostaza Raw/Base Níquel/Base Estabilizadora Níquel
$16,530.00 mxn
Santa & Cole
BC2 - Estructura Metálica en Níquel Satinado y Mango de Madera de Haya/Pantalla Cinta Verde Raw
$10,601.24 mxn
Santa & Cole
Cirio Simple - Pantalla Latón Pulido/Florón Circular Metálico de Superficie Negro Regulación 1-10V /Cable Negro 8M (315”)
$22,833.44 mxn
Santa & Cole
Comodín Cuadrado - Estructura Cromada/Pantalla Cinta Rojo-Ámbar
$8,088.68 mxn
Santa & Cole
Diana Lampara de Mesa - Pantalla Lino Blanco/Difusor Superior Cartulina Translúcida Blanca/Estructura Metálica Oro Brillante
$33,060.00 mxn
Santa & Cole
TMM Lampara de Pie - Estructura de Madera Cerezo/Pantalla de Cartulina Blanca con Difusor Superior*
$26,602.28 mxn
Santa & Cole
Bijou L - Estructura Rojo Brillante, LED, 1-10V (No incluye regulador externo)
$35,043.60 mxn
Santa & Cole
TATU Lampara de Pie - Cuerpo de Plástico ABS y Columna Metálica Rojo
$24,971.32 mxn
Santa & Cole
Dórica Lámpara de Pie - Pantalla de Cinta en Crudo/Estructura Metálica Marrón Oscuro/Base Cilíndrica con Disco Estabilizador
$50,669.96 mxn

We offer sophisticated proposals

The alliance with the most recognized international brands of decorative lighting allows us to offer a catalog of innovative and avant-garde products that set trends.


Pablo Pardo

Venezuelan industrial designer Pablo Pardo has defined his career creating contemporary, sparse and utilitarian lighting that fosters harmonious relationships between people and their environments.  In doing so, he has forged a design method that aspires to un...

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Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon Spanish artist-designer was born in Madrid in 1974.  His artistic vision was fully exhibited at the ‘Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ and ‘Mon Cirque’.  These collections put Jaime at the forefront...

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Lee Broom

Lee Broom is one of the UK's leading product designers and a premium global design brand established in 2007.  Lee Broom's highly original brand of luxury lighting and furniture designs is recognized and sold around the world.&...

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Joana Bover

In 1996, Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona, Spain. Born from sketches on a napkin in a restaurant, the Bover brand now ships its diverse product profile around the world. Today, a team full of respected designers joins Joana Bover in the creation...

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Lucie Koldova

Lucie Koldova is an internationally acclaimed Czech product and furniture designer.  His collaboration with Brokis began in 2010 with the iconic lighting collections “Muffins and Balloons” who designed while he lived...

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a British designer specialized in furniture design and creative director of his own eponymous firm, whose work includes iconic pieces that have been exhibited in museums, galleries and fairs and is inspired by the unique heritage...

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Zsuzsanna Horvath

Zsuzsanna Horvath is a designer and architect with solid experience in furniture design, construction of various outdoor installations and public building design. He worked As an architect in Finland for several years, she contributes...

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We create elegant environments

Diez Company provides tailored luminaires to enhance the environment or to star in it, whether it is a residential installation, a commercial project or a hotel complex.


We design and advise your project

Our team of experts goes beyond of offering lighting solutions, it also provides design and tailor-made services until the right product is found for the project in question.


We provide solutions

Finding the lighting product that meets the needs of the space is the mission of Diez Company, and we can do it thanks to our range of commercial allies that includes the more than 60 most prominent brands in decorative lighting of the world.

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