Covid-19 - latest update from Diez Company
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Experts in lighting solutions

Diez Company provides the tools to design, develop and realize all kinds of decorative and architectural lighting projects since 2006, thanks to its team of experts.

We offer sophisticated proposals

The alliance with the most recognized international brands of decorative lighting allows us to offer a catalog of innovative and avant-garde products that set trends.

We create elegant environments

Diez Company provides tailored luminaires to enhance the environment or to star in it, whether it is a residential installation, a commercial project or a hotel complex.


We design and advise your project

Our team of experts goes beyond of offering lighting solutions, it also provides design and tailor-made services until the right product is found for the project in question.


We provide solutions

Finding the lighting product that meets the needs of the space is the mission of Diez Company, and we can do it thanks to our range of commercial allies that includes the more than 60 most prominent brands in decorative lighting of the world.