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We invite you to check our privacy notice.

Pursuant to the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals and its Regulation, EXPORTACIONES DIEZ S.A. DE C.V. (Diez Company), with domicile at Ingenieros Militares 70-16A, Argentina Poniente, alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, código postal 11230, Ciudad de México, issues the present privacy notice to inform you (the “Holder”) of the personal data how your information shall be used.

Diez Company is the one responsible (the “One responsible”) for the use and protection of the personal data that the Holder provides it with in a truthful and voluntary manner, expressing your acceptance and knowledge of the terms expressed in this privacy notice.

The personal data collected by Diez Company have the purpose of providing information, promotional information, negotiation, purchase and sale information related to the products and services it offers. These data that shall allow us to provide you with personal and appropriate attention on promotions and events and the delivery of our gazette. This information may be provided through any written, electronic or verbal means.

Diez Company has the necessary physical, administrative and technical security measures to safeguard the information it receives and classify the kinds of data it collects as the One responsible for their correct treatment.

Diez Company expresses that occasionally it may receive support from third parties for the promotion of its products and services, and such third parties are subject to the policies of Diez Company of providing privacy treatment to the personal data they get to know and have access to and they shall limit to only and exclusively use the information for the agreed purposes.

If the Holder does not express their disagreement with the transference of personal data, their consent shall be deemed as granted, pursuant to article 8, third paragraph of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals.

The Holder shall have access to the information published in the Website of Diez Company or to the one that does not require a transference of data, so Diez Company is free from informing the Holder on the information that it spreads through third parties.

The data to be collected are: i) identification, which consists of contact information such as name, address, mobile or land line number, E-mail, age; ii) financial or property data, collection of bank information for payments and transferences.

The Holder has the power to decide who they provide their information to and why and how they provide it, so they may exercise at any time their right to access, restrict, cancel or oppose (“Arco Rights”-Spanish acronym) the use and treatment of the personal data they provide to us, so we make available to you E-mail ask@diezcompany.mx and aforementioned domicile to carry out your request, which shall be made in writing, digitally or physically, addressed to Rodrigo Fernández Barajas, Responsible for the area of personal data. If you have any questions, contact us to telephone number 5520-3508.

The written request shall contain:

(i) Complete name. (ii) Documents that prove your identity and, if any, the legal representation of the one acting on your name and representation. (iii) State domicile, telephone number or e-mail to receive the answer to your request. (iv) Describe in a clear and precise manner the personal data about which you are presenting your request. (v) Refer any other datum or exhibit any other document that enables the location of the personal data.

Diez Company, through the area responsible for personal data, shall communicate the Holder the resolution reached in a maximum term of 20 (twenty) business days counted as of the date when the request was received. If such request is applicable it shall be effective within the 15 (fifteen) business days following the notification of the answer, which shall be given in an electronic manner to the E-mail specified in the request.

In case the information provided is false or insufficient or if it is not accompanied by the relevant proving documents, the area responsible for the handling of personal data, within the 5 (five) business days following the reception of the request, may ask for the delivery of the necessary elements or documents to process the request. The Holder shall have a term of 10 (ten) business days to answer the requirement. If there is no answer in said term, the relevant request shall not be considered as presented.

If the Holder is not satisfied with the answer issued by Diez Company regarding the request, the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection may help as a competent authority in the protection of data.

Diez Company has the power to refuse, totally or partially, to allow the access, rectify, cancel or grant opposition to the treatment of the personal data, when: a) the petitioner  is not the holder or when they do not duly prove being the representative, b) Diez Company does not have possession of the personal data, c) there is la lack of legal compliance or resolution of the competent authority that limits the exercise of one of the Arco Rights, d) when there was a previous request and performance of the rectification, cancelation or opposition.

Diez Company uses cookies in its Website for a more efficient navigation. A cookie is a little file (“Technology”) that is placed in the equipment of the Holder and allows to save your personal navigation preferences, the data recorded by this Technology are session usernames and passwords, location, kind of browser and operating system, login and logout date and time, searches made, visited websites and checked publicity. This Technology may be disabled at any time by the user, following the steps indicated by the internet browser that you use.

Should you have any questions or need clarification about the aforementioned, please contact the One responsible.

Having read, understood and agreed with the terms set forth in this privacy notice, the Holder expresses their consent for Diez Company to make transferences of personal data to national or international third parties, in the understanding that the treatment that such third parties give to the personal data of the Holder shall be adjusted to what is set forth in this privacy notice.

Diez Company may transfer the personal data collected from the Holder to any other company of the same Conglomerate it belongs to and that operate with the same processes and internal policies, either in Mexican territory or abroad for its treatment, with the same purposes described in this privacy notice. It may also transfer your personal data to third parties that support the company in the compliance with the agreements or legal relationships that it has with the Holder.

Diez Company reserves the rights to modify its policy of personal data and/or this privacy notice at its sole discretion. If the privacy notice were to be modified, Diez Company shall notify the changes through one or some of the following means: (i) visible announcements at the domicile of Diez Company, stated at the beginning of this document; (ii) triptychs or flyers available in the premises of Diez Company; (iii) in the Website of Diez Company, www.diezcompany.mx, o (iv) through E-mail to the address provided by the Holder.
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