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Exportaciones Diez, S.A. de C.V. (Diez Company) makes available to any person (“User”) the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) that rule the access and use that the User makes of the information, content, products and services (“Services”) that Diez Company renders and publishes on its website www.diezcompany.mx (the “Website”).

The User binds to thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions before making use of the Website or accessing the Services, in order to acknowledge the obligations the User is subject to.

When making use of the Website, the User acknowledges and accepts the Terms and Conditions set forth by Diez Company, pursuant to the Code of Commerce, the Federal Civil Code, the Federal Copyright Law, the Industrial Property Law, the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals and other applicable legal provisions. The User’s access, use and observation of the Website shall be considered as an absolute and express approval of the Terms and Conditions of use set forth herein.

Due to the foregoing and pursuant to the applicable laws of the United Mexican States, when making use of this Website you express the will as a User of binding without limitation to the content thereof. In case of disagreeing with any obligation, term or condition you shall refrain from accessing and continuing in the Website.

This portal offers the necessary tools to develop all kinds of decorative and architectural lighting projects with sophisticated and elegant proposals, so the User may use the information, images and pictures contained in the Website, only for personal purposes, so it is forbidden to reproduce the content thereof for other purposes.

The relationship between Diez Company and the User shall be terminated in the following cases: a) when the User decides not to accept the Terms and Conditions; b) when the rendering of services is over and all the obligations hired by the User are covered, or c) when the User breaches the agreements made with Diez Company.

The User acknowledges and accepts that in case there is any violation to the Terms and Conditions, as well as to the agreement, if any, subscribed with Diez Company, directly or indirectly related to the object of the Services offered by Diez Company, the User shall be liable and commits to indemnify, defend and hold Diez Company, its shareholders, subsidiaries, related companies, directors or managers, representatives, officers, workers and/or employees harmless from any claim that may arise therefrom.

Diez Company is responsible for operating the Website and all the contents are its property and/or have all the necessary authorizations, so it is strictly prohibited to modify, alter or suppress any information therein.

Diez Company shall not be liable for external links that may exist or links that from this Website redirect to another website, situation that does not generate any sponsorship or relationship with the Websites that were to be linked.

The User accepts that, by way of illustration and not by way of limitation, they may not use, remove, disclose, publish or copy information with commercial or informative purposes to unauthorized third parties.

The User acknowledges that all the information disclosed by any means or through any technology that Diez Company provides for the development of its Services is property of Diez Company, and it is considered as Intellectual Property protected by the Intellectual Property Law, the Federal Copyright Law and other applicable laws.

Diez Company is the holder and/or has the relevant authorizations of the brands for the marketing of the Services, which exhibits and are available for the User through its Website, without this meaning any licensing to the User not even if the User acquires any Service from Diez Company.

The User may notify Diez Company to address ask@diezcompany.mx about any content in the Website that considers that is in violation of any intellectual property rights, specifying what content they refer to and supporting their assumption with clear and verified information, as well as their contact data.

Some of the Services that Diez Company commercializes in its Website are subject to deadlines, so the User shall have to directly contact Diez Company in order to know the deadlines of the items to be purchased. Diez Company performs deliveries in Mexico City without any cost, for the rest of the country the User shall check the delivery Terms and Conditions.

When the User acquires any service from Diez Company their purchase shall be confirmed with an order that contains in the back the purchase clauses that the User agrees to.

Diez Company commits before acquiring Users to guarantee that the Products it displays in its Website meet the standards of quality that the Official Mexican Standards demand for those Services and they also have some certifications. However, it makes available for acquiring users a guarantee for manufacturing defects of 12 (twelve) months counted as of the acquisition date of the product, so the acquiring User that is affected by any manufacturing latent defect may contact Diez Company to present and state the manufacturing defect of the acquired item in the following address http://diezcompany.mx/orden-de-servicio-o-reparacion.

Diez Company shall notify the User that presents the product with the manufacturing defect the procedure to collect, review and issue a diagnosis of said product and, in case the diagnosis confirms a manufacturing defect, Diez Company commits to replace the item with an equal one to the User, in the period stipulated in the procedure notified to the User. Otherwise, if the defect is due to and inappropriate use or installation, change of voltage or any external circumstance that alters and affects the correct performance of the products, the review and diagnosis shall be paid by the User, as well as the repair, in case the User requests it and confirms it in writing, because the guarantee has no effect when the product is not operated or used under the guidelines and instructions stated for each product.

The information on each one of the products that Diez Company shows in the Website is informative, so if there is a question from the User they may contact Diez Company at the following address ask@diezcompany.mx or in person in our premises.

Diez Company commits to maintain a confidentiality policy towards the information received from the User.

Our portal uses cookies. A cookie is a little file (“Technology”) that is placed in the equipment of the User, which may be disabled at any time by the User, following the steps indicated by the internet browser. This technology works as a measurement method to generate an adequate browsing and monitoring of the behavior of the User. The data that may be recorded through the use of this technology are: session username and password, location, type of browser, type of operating system, login and logout date and time, searches made, visited Websites and checked publicity.

Diez Company disclaims any liability for the links that the Website could have, such as links, banners, buttons among others. Likewise, Diez Company disclaims any liability for viruses, errors, deactivators or any other polluting material that may affect the equipment of the User as a consequence of the access to the Website or for any damage sustained by the equipment due to any failure in the system, server or internet used by the User, because all of these are causes external to Diez Company.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact us and send us your comments to ask@diezcompany.mx.

The use of the Website if ruled by the laws of the United Mexican States, so the use abroad by the User is under their own responsibility, since it is the User who has to follow the rules of the country they are in.

Diez Company reserves the right to exercise any relevant action by virtue of any violation to the Website of any User, and the consequences of same may be civil, administrative or penal.

Due to the continuous transformation and development of Diez Company, our Terms and Conditions may be modified from time to time, so we suggest that you periodically visit our website to check for updated policies.

The present Terms and Conditions are subject to the interpretation, compliance and execution of same pursuant to the applicable laws and the competent courts in Mexico City, and the User expressly waives any other code of laws or jurisdiction that could correspond to them based on their present or future domiciles or due to any other reason.
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