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Alex Fernández Camps

  Technical architect by training, has done multiple artistic practice using media such as painting, photography and installation; simultaneously with the practice of industrial design, where the activity of his study is focused, with the vocation of influencing the objects that surround us; understanding the object as a cultural element, and essentially in a functional way on a human scale, where the form has a function in itself. itself.

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Antoni Arola

Antoni Arola, National Design Award 2003, is an outstanding member of the current scene of the Spanish design. His work, characterized by its versatility, has allowed him to tackle both the design of a perfume bottle or a lamp, as well as the interior design of spaces that are relevant today. Arola finds a symbolism and a suggestive way of understanding life and its spaces.

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Arturo Álvarez

Arturo & Aacute; lvarez is a consecrated Spanish creator who develops his artistic project in the fields of sculpture and design. Self-taught, from the beginning he developed his innate talent being inspired by nature and man. His interpretation of the volumes and the lighting mark a strong personality in the creation of surprising sets.

Boris Klimek

Boris Klimek graduated in Conceptual and Product Diet studies at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague.   During his studies he carried out internships in England (Sheffield Hallam University), Slovakia (Academy of Fine Arts and Design), as well as in the product design studio in Prague, led by designers Olgoj Chorchoj.   Boris has received a number of awards for his product design.   In his work, he tries to find certain conceptual coincidences, games and stories. It tries that the creation of its products is not only functional, but mainly poetic, lydic and capable of stimulating the imagination and human emotions.

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Brogliato Traverso

Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso founded their design studio in 2014 after studying architecture and deepening their knowledge of the art of glass blowing and working with traditional Japanese ceramics. & quot; No time, no space & quot; is the claim that summarizes the soul and vision of the studio: the creation of objects with a timeless design that adapt to different contexts.
BrogliatoTraverso has collaborated with companies such as Magis, Cappellini, Guzzini, Infiniti. The studio has won numerous international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, the IF Design Award, and the Good Design Award.

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Caine Heintzman

Caine Heintzman is a designer exploring various media while applying rigorous research of materials, technical knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of lighting technology for ingenious practice.
His training at ECUAD and at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee has allowed him to perfect a methodical process in which he interrogates the relationship between the functional art object and the space to design in a way that accentuates the urbanized environment.
While his art is sculptural, emphasizing modularity, repetitive shapes can be observed to demonstrate an industrial elegance that is characteristic of his proposal.

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Chapman & Myers

Together, E.F. Chapman and Kyle Myers founded Chapmant & amp; Myers.   Chapman designs primarily within a classical expression of fundamental principles, while Myers brings a more modern orientation and sensitivity to their collaboration.   As a result, his collection provides a breath of expression that encompasses traditional, modern and transient aesthetics.

Chia–Ying Lee

Born in Taiwan, it became in Industrial and new media designer. Graduated from the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea in 2006, she worked for PEGA Design & amp; Engineering for three years, founding his studio (Estudio IF) in December 2011.
His work is a fusion of design, art and technology embodied in physical forms, from products to installations. He has collaborated with important institutions such as the National Art Museum of   Taiwan and the JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture. His IF studio also produces small productions of his works for shops and galleries in Europe, Taipei and Beijing.
His projects have won several awards, including the "IF China Product Design Award", the "Taiwan Excellence Award" and the "Taiwan Excellence Award". and the “SDA Best Design of the Year”. In 2015 she was selected among the Asian talents at IFFS. In the same year I designed RANDOM for Studio Italia Design.

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Christophe Mathieu

Naci & oacute; in Germany and grew in the Canary Islands. Arrived to Barcelona in the mid-eighties to finish interior design studies. Shortly after he left to Milan and there discovered the industrial design collaborating with the architect Marco Zanuso jr. in product development for companies such as De Padova, Memphis and Driade.
With an architect father, Christophe made the house lamps with origami that he had learned when he worked in Germany, thirty years ago Christophe Mathieu moved through from professional swimming competition to the world of design. He remains open to the unforeseen events of life.
Based in Barcelona for years now, he is one of Marset's veteran designers, for whom he has created a few successful products.


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Dima Loginoff

Among the   designers   of the   lighting   most   successful   and   collections of the   contemporary   scene   Login   Mountain Viewoff & Urban   designer Dima   Login   Cloudy. Thanks to   the   valent & iacute; a   and   strong   sensitivity   art & iacute; stica, Dima   Loginoff   has   been   can     approaching   a   ways   apparently   distant   the   world     DESIGN; or & nbsp ; of   lighting. Multiple collaborations with Axolight can be defined as real progressions to new, typical goals.

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Enric Sòria

Born in 1937 in Barcelona, Enric   S & ograve; ria   studied architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) until 1970. After graduating, he worked in Oriol Bohigas's office, where he met to   Jordi Garc & eacute; s   with whom he collaborated; until 1996. During that period, they laid the foundations of rationalism and contemporary avant-garde, defending the geometry of architecture and the functionalities of its composition. Among the first projects of his work, the design of museums stands out, among them the conversion of the old Asilo de Santa Lucia to the Museum of Science (1978-1980) or the Picasso Museum (1981-1987). Subsequently, he had a certain presence in cultural and sports buildings such as the Palacio de Deportes del Valle de Hebrón (1990-1991) for which he was awarded the FAD Prize for Architecture in 1991. In addition, he performed the design of the IMAX cinemas (1993-1994) and the & Aagora Rubi & oacute; i Balaguer from Pompeu Fabra University on the Ciutadella campus in 1994, where he won; the City of Barcelona Prize for Architecture and Urbanism in 1996.    

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Fernando Correa

Fernando Correa was born in the City of Mexico and is founder and director of Correa Granados Arquitectos since 2012. He focuses the studio's activity mainly on the creation of unique interior concepts for high-end retailers, corporations, restaurants, fair stands and showrooms around the world.

His international experience of more than 20 years in retail design includes his participation and coordination for the creation and development of new concepts, construction, design of boutiques and showrooms and Temporary exhibition of various high-end retail brands.

Since 2019, Fernando Correa has been the founder and Creative Director of the WAW Collection, a new brand that designs and produces lamps, furniture and accessories united by their ability to awaken emotions of astonishment.

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Gabetti e Isola

Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Isola & ndash; both are professors at the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin & ndash; from 1950 to 2000 they formed one of the most fertile professional associations in the panorama of modern and contemporary architecture.   The projects they created from the beginning of their activity were characterized by the attention they devoted to landscaping and environment issues on different scales.   Most of his works have been presented and commented on in exhibitions and published in architecture magazines and in national and international publications, provoking an articulated debate on the relationship between modernity and tradition.   Some monographs dedicated to them have thoroughly analyzed their approach.   His design and architectural works are exhibited at the MOMA in New York, the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Academia de San Luca and the Maxxi in Rome.   Luciano Re was part of the studio in the late 60s and 70s, afterwards it was dedicated to teach at the university.   Guido Drocco shared her entire career with Gabetti and Isola until 2000, supporting her with important personal and professional achievements as well. as participating in positions as a university professor.

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George Carwardine

George Carwardine (1887 - 1947) didn't need invent the Anglepoise & reg; lamp so that his name would be known; He was already a leading practicing engineer specializing in vehicle suspension systems.   Perfection his skills at the Horstmann Automobile Company where he progressed to become Chief Designer.   Later, in 1924 when Hortsmann faced financial difficulties, Carwardine left your job to start your own business you called Cardine accessories.
He later returned to work with Sydney Horstmann, but in 1929 the Horstmann Car Company entered bankrupt.   Carwardine took advantage of the moment & ndash; the opportunity he had been waiting for had arrived to explore his longstanding fascination with spring- and lever-based mechanisms.   Established a workshop in his garden in Bath and started to work on the design of what would later become his legacy.


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Giovanni Barbato

Working with Axolight, for several years he has designed the Aibu and Hoops collections. The last one is an elegant and imposing metal suspension capable of illuminating, with direct and indirect light emission, and giving personality to any space. Knowledge of materials and transformation processes make Giovanni Barbato one of the most valuable lighting designers on the Italian scene.

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Gonzalo Milà

Barcelona, 1967. He began his studies in architecture and in 1988 he began to work at the studio of design Miguel Mil & agrave ;. The experience gained led him to study industrial design at the Elisava School. In 1994 he founded, together with Juan Carlos Ines, the Ines-Mil & agrave; from which elements such as the Tutombas Pranha deck chair, the Sillarga and Sicurta deck chair and outdoor chair and the Balensiya rocking stool are created. Later, together with Miguel and Micaela Mil & agrave ;, he formed the study Mil & agrave; Design. Outstanding projects of the group are the interior design of the period floor of Casa Mil & agrave; and the Rama lamppost, with which he won the ADI-FAD Delta de Plata award. In 1999 he started working at Santa & amp; Cole Ediciones de Diseño as front of the urban division, focusing on the development of new products. Since 2001 he works in his own studio   making street furniture, interior and exterior lighting, accessories and projects that favor the integration of wildlife in the city. Rigorous essentialist, his way of projecting is human, close and based on the fundamental importance of utility.

Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon Spanish artist-designer nation in Madrid in 1974.   His artistic vision was exhibited in its entirety in the facilities & lsquo; Mediterranean Digital Baroque & rsquo; and & lsquo; Mon Cirque & rsquo;.   These collections put Jaime at the forefront of a new wave that blurred The lines between art, decoration and design also added a revival in complex objects subtly crafted within the context of contemporary design culture.

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James Bassant

John Fearon and James Bassant teamed up to create Astro Lighting with a shared commitment to design. ; o lighting and a passion for British quality and precision.   Astro's creative ethic has been a constant & ndash; that good design requires simplicity.   It all started in the basement of a house in Sevenoaks.   Fearon and Bassant shared their passion for British lighting design; Even if it meant walking down a ladder to get to work!

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Janne Uusi-Autti

Janne Uusi-Autti is the creator of the Pilke Pioni Collection.   Pioni is a beautiful organically shaped pendant that creates a soft and natural atmosphere in any home, restaurant or public space.   Pioni lamps are made of fine birch plywood.   Janne Uusi-Autti is a designer with a background in engineering and navigation.

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Jordi Garcés

Born in 1945, Jordi Garc & eacute; s studied architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) until 1970. During his studies he worked in the office of Oriol Bohigas where he met a   Enric   S & ograve; ria   with whom he collaborated until 1996. During   that   time, they laid   the foundations of rationalism, defining the geometry of architecture and the functionalities of its composition. Among the first projects of his work, the design of museums stands out, among them the conversion of the old Asilo de Santa Lucia to the Museum of Science (1978-1980) or the Picasso Museum (1981-1987). Subsequently, he had a certain presence in cultural and sports buildings such as the Palacio de Deportes del Valle de Hebrón (1990-1991) for which he was awarded the FAD Prize for Architecture in 1991. In addition, he performed the design of the IMAX cinemas (1993-1994) and the & Aagora Rubi & oacute; i Balaguer from Pompeu Fabra University on the Ciutadella campus in 1994, where he won; the City of Barcelona Prize for Architecture and Urbanism in 1996.  
In 2010, Jordi Garc & eacute; s designed the expansion of the Picasso Museum that he rehabilitated 30 years earlier. Currently, he works in an architectural firm with which he designs various elements of a public nature, including metro stations, civic centers and schools, both in Spain and abroad.   & nbsp ;

Jordi Miralbell

Each designer conceives design in their own way and Jordi   Miralbell   considered it as the art of solving the utilitarian through objects of human warmth.   Together with   Mariona Ravent & oacute; s, he constituted a happy couple of design craftsmen, creators of wonderful pieces of lighting and furniture. After a business stage together, Jordi and Mariona shared with us the adventure of Santa & amp; Cole for over fifteen years, being authors, publishers and partners.      

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Lee Broom

Lee Broom is a leading UK product designer and brand global design premium established in 2007.   Lee Broom's extremely original brand of luxury lighting and furniture designs is recognized and sold around the world.   Lee Broom has won more than 30 awards to date, including the British Designer of the Year and the Queen's Award for Enterprise presented by Her Majesty The Queen.

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Luca Nichetto

In 2006 Luca Nichetto founded a multidisciplinary design studio in Venice, Italy specializing in industrial design, product design and design consulting.   From the beginning, this study collaborated with a number of different brands and organizations and quickly expanded his influence beyond from the borders of Venice and Italy.   Five years later, in 2011 Nichetto opened a second study in Stockholm, Sweden.   This study was founded in response to a constant increase in the number of requests for collaboration from international companies with the work of the studio, as well as as if to expand on his initial focus on designed objects.   Since then, the Nichetto studio has expanded into areas such as interior design and architecture.

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Lukas Peet

Lukas Peet pursues his profession with an aesthetic fluency and sophistication that carries the mark of an alumnus of the Eindhoven Design Academy.
He has been recognized internationally in a number of awards and competitions, most notably for being the Winner of the Canadian Emerging Designers Award.   Their designs have been produced by international manufacturers such as Roll & amp; Hill.
Lukas brings to ANDlight a vast curiosity about objects, processes, materials and production techniques; brings a desire to challenge the familiar and normative, as well like everything in between.

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Luke Kelly

In 2011, after well-intentioned invading a facility abandoned motor vehicle in New Hampshire I found myself with old industrial lighting fixtures.   I took them home, rewired and passed a few weeks taking photos of them and creating a website, I finally left them loose on the internet.
The next thing I knew, one of the biggest interior design blogs featured my work and immediately sold everything.   With a sudden influx of real live customers from all over the world, it began my tour & ndash; I immersed myself headlong into the fascinating world of lighting design and never looked back.

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Manuel y Vanessa Vivian

Culture and crafts. Manuel Vivian, a long-time designer, is an unwitting guardian of the best of the Italian artistic and manufacturing tradition. He is an expert in artisanal production processes, in his creations he does not put limits to experimentation. Some of Axolight's most important historical collections are the result of Manuel's creative idea: Campana, Piel, Falda, Spillray, Hada, Aura, Clavius, Virtus, Polia, Marco. Vanessa, a talented daughter who follows in her father's footsteps, is the creative mind behind the Layers and Plumage collections, objects that seem to come from the inspiration and experience of mature and well-rounded designers, rather than the imagination and the uncontaminated vision of a young designer, an excellent standard-bearer of a great family legacy.

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Marc Sadler

One of the first graduates in & ldquo; est & eacute; tique industrielle & rdquo; (industrial aesthetics) from ENSAD in Paris with a thesis on plastics, he was a pioneer in experimentation on different materials and contamination between technologies that have become distinctive aspects of his work.   A man of the world (having lived and worked in Europe, North America and Asia), and an eclectic designer, he is currently a consultant for a variety of companies in sectors such as lighting, decoration n, household appliances, sports, among others.

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Marco Zanuso Jr.

Marco Zanuso was born in Milan, where he lives and works, graduated in Architecture in the state of Florence, with an experimental thesis on radical architecture and its best-known references: Superstudio, Michele de Lucchi, Andrea Branzi, Ufo, Mendini and Ettore Sottsass.
As an industrial designer he has collaborated with Memphis, Fontana Arte, Bonacina, Cappellini, Driade, De Padova and galleries such as Design Gallery in Milan and Galerie Italienne in Paris. He has also developed projects and experiments with small producers and artisans.

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Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell is a contemporary British fashion designer that started his business in a modest apartment in South East London more than forty years ago.   After graduating with a fine arts degree from Goldsmith & rsquo; College in London in 1969 started to make accessories that caught the attention of Vogue and other fashion magazines that encouraged her to dabble in fashion design.   This led to a partnership with Joseph Ettedgui and the opening of her first gents' shop on South Molton Street in London in 1976.   Margaret Howell's first own store opened at St. Christopher's Place, London in 1980.   In 2002 the company moved its London offices and flagship store on Wigmore Street, designed in collaboration with architect William Russell.   The store sells collections of men's and women's clothing and is also used to present exhibits that draw attention to aspects of British design. In 2006 the Royal Society of Art appointed to Howell as a Royal Designer for Industry and was awarded the CBE for her services to the fashion industry.

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Mario Alessiani

Design as the correct mix between productivity and function, with a eye on the shape.   Functional beauty is the central core of Mario Alessiani's design in which the attention is not focused on the configuration but on how to mold, in order to obtain the greatest efficiency in the design phase. production and so that the object has the will to communicate with its aspects, communicating to people the way in which they are made in the most honest way.   Raised by two architects in central Italy, Mario has always been drawn to his Ptolemy lamp by Richard Sapper in his dad's study.   This passion turned at his job after graduating from IED in Rome and working in London.   In 2013, at 24, he opened your own design firm.   After being at an international level, he was selected among the best Italian creatives under 30 by Virginio Briatore and by Design People at Trienalle Milan.

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Mariona Raventós

Each designer conceives the design in their own way and Mariona Ravent   considered as the art of solving the utilitarian through objects of human warmth.   Together with   Jordi Miralbell,   constituted a happy couple of design craftsmen, creators of wonderful pieces of lighting and furniture. After a business stage together, Mariona and Jordi shared with us the adventure of Santa & amp; Cole for over fifteen years, being authors, publishers and partners.    
As a team, Mariona Ravent & oacute; s expressed herself better with craftsmanship: the treatment of materials, textures and color, ensuring the sensual part of the project

Matthew McCormick

Matthew McCormick's studio is a multi-disciplinary design house based in Vancouver, Canada producing distinctive lighting and artistic installations.   Founded in 2013 by Matthew McCormick, the studio designs, manufactures and distributes McCormick's signature collections globally.   In addition to creating a custom selection of sculptural lighting pieces, Matthew's product line is designed in Vancouver and created by a network of talented fabricators and craftsmen both locally and around the world - ; committed to bringing the best in craftsmanship to each piece that is touched by hand.

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Miguel Milá

Miguel Mil & aacute ;, industrial and interior designer, inventor and   bricoleur, started his career in the 1950s, being one of the pioneers of the discipline in Spain. Faced with the scarcity of resources at the time, he decided design your own design objects. Soon it started to produce them through his company Tramo (Annoying Work), remaining true contemporary classics until today. In 2016, the Ministry of Education and Culture awarded him the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts.    

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Omer Arbel

The work of the Office of Omer Arbel moves fluidly between the fields of design ; or, architecture, sculpture and invention.   Its own businesses are divided with a separate commercial platform for lighting and glassware (Bocci), and a research and development-oriented product design studio (OAO Works), in addition to its architectural office.   However, the projects in one can be covered by another questioning both the role of Arbel, and the operation of its finished product.

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Pablo Pardo

Venezuelan industrial designer Pablo Pardo has defined his career creating contemporary lighting ne, scarce and utilitarian that harbors harmonious relationships between people and their environments.   In doing so, he has forged a design method that aspires to discover the essence of an idea, while always upholding the user experience.   Concepts uncovered, his objects speak a universal language.   Since it was established Pablo Designs in San Francisco in 1993, Pardo's studio has gained international recognition for its innovative lighting and home accessories.   Many of Pardo's works have won national and international awards, including the "Best Lighting" award. at the ICFF International Contemporary Fair in New York, the & ldquo; Best of Competition & rdquo; at the Neocon Fair in Chicago, "Best of the Year Winner" in Interior Design, the & ldquo; Red Dot & rdquo; Award, and the German Design Award, among others.   He also has works in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.

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Partisans is an award-winning architectural practice based in Toronto that specializes in integration Design and technology, invention and programming, culture and creative services.   Led by Alex Josephson, Pooya Baktash, and Jonathan Friedman, the studio employs a diverse team of architects, researchers, storytellers, entrepreneurs, builders, and cultural fans who are dedicated to one cause: high-performance smart design that aspires to make possible the improbable.

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith   is a design; British fashion designer. His reputation is based on his design of men's clothing, but his business has expanded to other areas.
His eponymous fashion company was founded in 1970 and has expanded to more than 70 countries, selling its products in independent stores, in apartments in luxury stores, or in shopping centers, as well. as in airport terminals and in the e-commerce section of its international website.   Some of his brand's stores are known for their originality and eccentricity, including his highly photographed fluorescent pink flagship store in Los Angeles.   Your collaboration with Anglepoise makes you part of our exclusive catalog of lighting collaborations.

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Rainer Mutsch

Rainer Mutsch is one of the most successful, inspiring and long-standing multidisciplinary designers on the European scene. In his first collaboration with Axolight, he designed Orchid, a collection that includes floor, table, wall, ceiling and suspension lamps. Between modernism and post-minimalism, Orchid is undoubtedly one of the most popular lamps on the contemporary scene.

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Riley Sanders

Riley, born in New Zealand, plays a key role in the process of Product design as Astro Senior Designer. After specializing in Industrial Design at Massey University of the Fine Arts, New Zealand, his path took him to occupy different positions related to the design, both exhibitions and interiors, furniture and products. Currently, he serves as Astro's in-house Senior Designer, combining his passion for materials with his interest in manufacturing processes, as well as how these elements can be used. combine to create timeless luminaires.

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Sean Lavin

Sean Lavin is the Lead Designer at Visual Comfort & amp; Co.   Collaborate with the modern Design Partners of Visual Comfort & amp; Co. in order to bring their concepts to life while releasing their own signature designs.
Sean is known for his sophisticated and modern design aesthetic, combined with the latest LED technology.   Sean favors clean lines, natural materials and a neutral color palette that make an energetic statement while blending in with the surroundings.   Sean recognizes that light is one of the most important elements that impacts any other design detail and that it creates the atmosphere and excitement of the entire space.

Serge & Robert Cornelissen

Longtime, award-winning lighting designers designed the Rythmos, Shatter and Kwic collections. The latter is a strong and elegant collection that includes floor, ceiling, wall and suspension lamps in aluminum and blown glass. Was born observing the behavior of mercury. His creations are characterized by the great ability to combine form and technical functionality.

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Sir Kenneth Grange

He has been Director of Design at Anglepoise since 2003.   Started his illustrious career as a technical illustrator while doing his National Service.   Later he created his reputation as an industrial product designer and together with four partners he founded Pentagram, which is currently an international design firm with offices in the United States, Germany and London.   Grange's remarkable work spans half a century and her user-focused designs of British excellence have helped shape the parameters of everyday life for many. Not just everyday household brands like Kenwood, Parker, Kodak & ndash; and of course Anglepoise -   They have received the Kenneth Grange treatment, but also the Interurban train 125, the regional mailbox of the Royal Mail and the latest London Black Taxi.

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Studio Dechem

DECHEM studio was founded in Prague in 2012 by Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek.   They met at the Novy Bor School of Glass where they both fell in love with the oldest synthesized material in human history.   While Michaela continued his studies at the AAAD Prague (Academy of Arts in Prague) and later he worked For many famous design studios, Jakub continued honing his skills in the lighting industry, specializing in glass finishes, technology and manufacturing.   Since they founded the DECHEM studio, they have focused on product design, paying special attention to glass.

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Studio Yonoh

Multidisciplinary creative studio founded by designers Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma. Jewel represents the first collaboration between Studio Yonoh and Axolight. It is a small pendant, a harmonious synthesis between the functional needs and the decorative vocation of the lamp. Studio Yonoh is one of the most awarded design studios on the international scene today. Simplicity, character and innovation are undoubtedly the hallmarks of its modern design philosophy.

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Studiopepe is a Design + Architecture + Creative Direction agency that has its own based in Milan that was founded by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto.

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Sylvain Willenz

Considered   one of the   most influential Belgian creatives   Sylvain   was   named   & ltildquo;   ; Belgian worshiper of the Year & rdquo;   in   2009.  

Recognized   by   its   strong   yet   simple graphic aesthetic.   Sylvain   is fascinated   by   production, manufacturing   and pays great   attention   to details   Originally   Wanting   to be a   cartoonist, Sylvain   approached   towards   the   product design. Over the years, Sylvain developed a style. singular of   ligne   claire, who   instills   her   designs   Simple, elegant, and graphical, so recognizable and unique today. on   day.  

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Timo Ripatti

Character and modernity. Timo Ripatti is the expression of Axolight's renewal process in recent years. He is the creator of essential works, real drawings in space, as in the case of U-Light, and objects with a post-industrial, material and mechanically airship taste, as in the case of Cut. He is without a doubt one of the most intriguing and attractive designers today.

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Esther and Sam, both graduates of the Eidhoven Design Academy are partners, both in life and in his study.   They founded their Eindhoven studio in 2014.
His favorite area of work is light.   They work on your lighting fixtures down to the last detail.   They don't just draw, they also prototype and create, they share their love of mechanics and movement.   Their mathematical approach to design encourages them to avoid the obvious, to reinvent objects when building.   When asked what is what inspires them, they answer without hesitation: & ldquo; & iexcl; Everything! We are curious.   We are inspired to observe the world. & Rdquo;


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